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Order LXXIV. CAPRZFOI.ZACES:. (By C. B. Clarke.)

Shrubs, erect or scanclent^ or small trees {Adoxa, a herb), brauches round. aves opposite, rarely 3-nate; stipulate or not. Flowers hermaphrodite, mose or panicled, capitate in Adoxa, regular or irregular. Qdyx-tube aJnate the ovary ; limb 3-o-toothed or -lobed. Corolla gamopetalous ; limb often

2-lipped, 5-lobed, lobes imbricate in bud. Stamens 5 (in Adoxa 8-12), on the corolla alternate with its lobes. Ovary inferior (in Adoxa ^-inferior), 2-8- rarely 1-celled ; style long, with capitate "stigraa, or short, 2-5-lobed ; ovules solitary, pendulous, or several on axile placentas. Fruit a drupe (in Abelia dry), with 1-8 cartilaginous pyrenes, or a many-seeded berry. Seeds 1 or many in each cell, albumen copious fleshy; embryo usually minute. Species 200; mostly Noi'thern, with a few Australian and S. American.

Distinguished from Fubiacca chiefly by habit and the frcqiTcntly irregular flowers and rarity of stipules.

Tbibe I, Saxnbuceee. CoroUa-lwd) regular. Style short, 2-5-lobed»

Ovary-cells 1-ovided.

teaves 2-ternHtisect. Flowers capitate. Stamens 8-12 .... 1. Adoxa.

Leaves pinnate ; leaflets 5-9, serrate 2. Sambucus.

Leaves undiridcd 3. Viburnum.


Tribe II. IionicereoD. Corolla limb regular or irregidar. Style long;


stigma capitate.

Leaves sessile, connate, obovate. Ovary-cells 3, 1-oviiled ... 4. Tbiosteum.

Calyx-lobes elongate. Fruit elongate, coriaceous, 1-seeded ... 5. Abelia,

Leaves entire, Flowers paired. Berry 2-3-celled 6. Loniceka.

Leaves exstipulate. Branches fistular. Ovary 5-8-celled ... 7. Lfyckstkkia*

leaves stipulate. Branches solid. Ovary 5-celled 8, Pentapyxis.

1. ASOXA, Linn,

A small glabrous succuleut herb. Badical leaves long-petioled, 3-teruatisect ^ cauline o-fid. Flowers small, green, in a pedimcled head. Calyx-tube hemi- spheric ; limb ^-superior^ 2~4-lobed. Corolla rotate, 4-(j-li)bed. Stamens 8-12, in pairs alternating with the corolla lobes; anther-cells 2, confluent above. Ovary 3-5-celled; styles 3-5; ovules 1 in each cell. Drujye sul> globose; pyrenes 4-5, compressed. Seeds obovate, flattened.



LXXiY. CAPRiFOLiACE.E. (C. B. Clarke.)


A genus differing much from the orJcr in habit. Perhaps nearer Chrym-




1. A. Bloschatelllna, Limu j Bom, FL Orient, iii, 2,

Var. inodora, Falc. mss. ; inotloroiis, cauline leaf often solitary, flowers 5-6- merous. I

Kashmiii, Falconer; Pir Pinjal, alt. 11,500 ft., C. B, C— Distrib. N. Europe, Asia, and America.

Rootstock short, creeping. Stem simple, 3-6 in., terminating in a solitary peduncle. Radical /caves ^-2 in. diam., "with a long 2-6 in. petiole; cauline 2 in European, often 1 in Kashmir specimens, smaller, petiole short or 0; segments obtuse or mueronate. Heads ^ in. diam., green, in European specimens with a terminal 4-merous and 4 lateral 5-merou8 flowers; in Kashmir with a terminal 5-merous and 4 or more lateral 6-merous one's. Drupe ^ in. diam.; endocarp and seeds flattened. Odour of the European plants musky, of Kaslimir 0, on which account and the 5-6-merons flowers Falconer regarded the latter as ii distinct species {A, inodora^ Falc), but its habit and all other chanicters are identical with tlie European.


Shrubs or small troes. Leaves unequally pinnate^ large, often 3tipulat«i ; leaflets serrate or laciniate. Cvrynibs large, very compound, bracteate ; iiowera small, jointed with the pedicel, very rarely bracteolate. Calyx-Umh 3-5-toothed. Corolla rotate or campanulate, 3-5-partite, Stamens 6, attached to the base of the corolla. Ocary 8-5-cclled ; style short, 3-5- partite, or stigmas 3r5-8essile ; ovules 1 in each cell, pendulous. Drupe crowMied by the calyx-teeth, 3-.'i- celled. *S'{'^(^fe conipressod ; embryo long. DiriTKin. Species 10-12, in all tem- perate regions (except S. Africa),

1. S- Ebulud, Lhiv. ; herbaceous, leaflets free, stipules often foliaceoms serrate, drupes black. II. f. ^- T, in Journ. Linn, Soc, li. 170; Brenuli.'t For. FL 260; Boiss. FL Orient, lii. 2.

Kashmir; alt. 6000^10,000 ft., plentiful; f. Thomson, &c.— Distutb. Europe, N\ Africa, and to the Elburz Mts. I

Gregarious; stems mostly simple, 3-6 ft. high. Leaves 9 in.; leaflets r)-9, oblong-hiuceolate, 3-6 in., puberulous or nearly glabrous. Corymh peduncled or leafy at the base, compact and 3-rayed in English, usually larger and many-r;iyod in Kashmir specimens; bracteules minute, linear. Corolla ^ in. diam., broadly cairi- pannlate, white pink or dark purple. Drupe ^ in. diam., globose. Flowers with a strong peculiar odour, both in Ka&limir and Europe, uppermost usually barren, \

J w


2. S. javanicay JRlume Bijd, (jr)?; a stra<rgling shrub, leaflets free, stipules usually small or 0, drui>es black. DC. Prodr. iv. 322; Miq. FL Ind. Bat. ii. 124; H. f. df T. in Joiirn, Li/tn, Sftc, ii. 180. S. ^^'ightiauus, IVall^ Cat. 6303; IF. |- A. Prodr. 388. S. rul>i'a, Ham.^^ Wall. Cat, 482. S. chinensifl, LindL in Trans. Hart. Soc, Lond, vi. 207; DC. I.e. S. Thunlx r- giana, Miq. in Ann. 3fHS, Lugd, Bat. ii. 205; Kurz Fur. FL ii. 3, Sambucus sp., Grijf. Notul. iv. 259. i

Assam and East Bknual Plain; ascending hi Kuasia to 5000 ft. alt,, in Sikki^i to 6000. DtsTRiR. Java, China, J;ipan.

Leaves 18 in., of 5-9 oblung-lanceolato leaflets 3-8 in., puberulous or nearly glabrous. Corymb usually leafy at the base, often 1 ft. diam,. puberulous or almost villous; bracteoles minute, ovate. Corolla ^ in. diam., broadly campanulate, while or pink. Berry ^-^ in. diam., globose.— Uppermost floM'ers usually barren ; female

Samhucus.'] Lxxiv. capiufoliace^:, (C. B. Clarke.) 3


npetalous in the cultivated S, cli'uicnsis {Lindhy\ but not usually so in the wild plant. The Khasia examples have the fruits mostly f^essile, agreeing thus more closely with S. chinensis than ^vith S. javanica, in whicli tlie fruits are usually shortly pedicelled.

'3. S. adnata, Wall. Cat. 483; a spreading- shrub, leaflets often deciir- rent, stipules usually small or 0, drupes red. DC. Prodr. iv. 822; //./ ^^ T, in Jottrn. Linn, Soc. ii. 180.

NiPAL, Wallich; Tambur Valley, alt. 5000-10,000 ft., /. D. IL SiKKiii: Sin^^a^ lelah, alt. 10,000 ft., Gamble, C. R a

A shrub, 4-8 ft. Leaves 12 in.; leaflets 5-9, 3-5 in., oblong-lanceolate, puberu^ lous or nearly glabrous. Corymb usually leafy at the base, often 9 in. diam., puberulous, bracteoles minute or 0. Corolla ^ in. diara., broad -campanulate. Dnqycs ^ in. diam., globose.


^ Shrubs or small trees. Leaves opposite, rarely 3-nate ; stipules iucon- spicuous (ill the Indian species). Floicers in terminal or Bubterminal corym- bose or paniclcd cymes, all fertile In Indian (outer radiant and neuter in some European, &c.,^ species). Calyx-tube turbinate or subcyliudric ; limb sliort, 6-toothed, persistent. Corolla canipanulate rotate or tubular j lobes 6, equal. Stamens 5, inserted ou the corolla-tube. Ocanj 1-3-celled; style short, stiirma sub-3-lobed; ovules 1 in each cell, pendulous. Dnipe 1- or sul>-2-3-celied, l"Seeded. Seed oblong, compressed, concave ou the ventral face or ^^'ith the margins greatly incurved; albumen fleshy, uniform or ruminated; embrvo minute.— DiSTRiB. Species 80, in N. temperate regions and in the Andes; a few in the West Indies and Madagascar.

^ bECX. I. Bu-Viburnum (Oersted). Cyynes corymhose. Drape 1-celled, ^jjompressed ; endocarp not intruded. Alhnmen uniforni, margins little incurved.



1. V. cotinifoliuxn, I)on Fi-odr. 141; leaves ovate or elliptic base obtuse usually woolly beneath, coryml>-branches stellately tomentuse, calyx nlabrous limb very short, corolla shortly campanulate lobes about as long as the tiibe. DC, Prodr. iv^327; Wtyld III. t. 121, A %. 1-5; Bof. Reg. t. IGoO;

Wall Cat, 455; DC l.c, 328.

V. polycarpum,

Kashmir; alt. 6000-11,000 ft., to Kvmaon, frequent. East Bhotan; Griffith (Xew Distrib. No. 3309).

\ A spreading shrub, 5-10 ft. high. Leaves 3 by 2 in., obtuse or subacute, sub- entire rarely coarsely crenate, stcllately-wooUy at least "when young, in ago often glabrous except on the nerves beneath ; petiole ^ in. Corymbs 2-3 in. diam., generally



ry short J

rs^ ,,--'- - ^- - grooved,

Yentrally sub-concave 3-grooved.^Leaves usually thick, reticulately rugose and

ntire, but sometimes thin, glabrous, and somewhat strongly crenate. V, LantanUy inp,, differs but slightly by the denticulate leaves and shorter corolla tube.

^ 2. V. corylifolium, H.f, ^' T. in Joum. Linn. Soc. ii. 174 ; branchlets and large fruiting corymb rufous-hirsute^ leaves ovate or elliptic base subcor- date, softly hairy beneath.



4 i.xxiv. CAPRiFOLiACEiB. (G. B. Clarke.) [Vihumum.

KiiASiA Mrs., alt. 5-6000 ft. ; Moleem, Griffith (Kcw Distrib. No. 3402); Kala-

Pani, H. f. Sf T. : Moliong, C. B. C. \ , ^ , ., ^ .

ic«w5 2A liy U in., acute, dentate, parallel-nervud. CWrj/wi^ii often on short lateral branehe.'i. Flowers not seen. Drupe \ by J in., compressed, ovate-ol>long, bright rod; seed dor.sally ronvox shallowly 2-grooved, ventrally concave and 2- grooved close to the medial line.

3. V. stellulatum, Wall. PI. As. li - . , ,

shortly petiolcd olliplic-laiiceolatft acuir.innt.' toothed stellately pubescent rarely -labrate bciipatli, c<n-olla small rotate.' DC. Pfodr. iv. 327 ; //./. dr I . in Janrn. Linn. Soc. ii. 174; Brandis For. Fl. 258. V. ^rnllahft. Ham.: Don

Prodr. 141 ; DC. I. c. '

Temperate Himalaya, alt. 6000-11, OOo' ft.; from Kaskmib to Sikkiu,


A large slirul> ; branches puberulons. Leaves 3 by 1^ m., base obtuse or cuneate, parallol-veined; petiole 4 in. Coiymhs turniiu;^!. in fruit divaricate 3-5 m. diain., siibRluboso; bracts i in., linear, membranous, caducous. Calyx-tahc siolJatcLy hiury ; lobes minute, ovate. Corolla-lobes ^^ i^^^ roilnd, pnbcscent in bud. Shde short, stigma capitate. Drupe \ by lin.. compressed, broadly oblong, yollow-red ; seed 2-

grooved on both faces, hardly concave ventrally. . ^^^

Vau. L invohicrala,^{i\\. Cat. 458 (sp.) ; brancldets and leaves rufousjillous,

corymbs densely villous, bracts lanceolate hor|)aceous persistent.— Nipal, WaU%ch\

Kumaon, EfJqcwurlh, V. fonna momtrosa, H. f. cf- T. l. c, 175.

Var. 2. glabrcsccns ; corymbs Avith a few scattered liairs, leaves glabrescent except

on the nerves benc^ath, bracts caducous ?— V. involucratum, Kf, # T. I. c.

4. V. Griffithianum, C. B. Vl(trke^\ leaves short-petioled ellipiic or subobovate acute toothed villous beneath, corymbs densely villous umbollately 4-7-rayed calyx-tube glabrous, corolla very small rotate. V. foetidum, vHif. Griffithianum. A'k/-z in Journ. As, Soc 1877, pt. ii. 121. V. foetiduni, van grandifolium/A'/o-:: For. FL ii. 2. Viburnum sp., Griff, Notulw. 250; Ic. IL Asiat. t. 480, fig

East Assam ; banks of the Kamyoon in the Naga country, Griffith (Kew Distrib

SrancMets stout, fuscous villous. Leaves ^ by 2 in., often unoqunl-sided, has _ obtusely cuneate nerves parallel, the lowest not unitin^r nor quite roa.-hinfi the l.aseof the leaf; petiole 1 in. Cort/mbs terminal, peduncled, 1-3 in. diam., dense evpu m vounp; fruit- bracts 0, or few, lanceolate, ^ in. Calyx-tube glabrous, viscid aa^ black in the young fruit; teeth broad oblong. CoroUa-\oh^ i;:\n., round.— Mo3^« nearly allied to V. stellulatum than to V. fcetidum, \

5. V. fcetidum, Wall Fl. As. Far. i. 49, t. CI ; Cat. 460 ; leaves oblongp rhomboid 3-nerved at thi' base remotely toothed nerves beneath stellatt'ly pubc^s- cent, corymbs subumbcllate stellatp-pubescent, ealyx-tube glabrous. BC.Frodr.

iv. 325 ; H. /.

Khasia Mts. and Assam, alt. 3000-5000 ft., common.— Distrib. North Eirma , An erect shrub, 6-10 ft. ; branchlets stellate-hairy. Leaves 2^ by ]^ in., scarcely acuminate, base cuneate or rounded, axils of the primary nerves j^uh tufts of hair, secondary transverse conspicuoiis beneath; petiole ^ in. Coryw^JS tcrmin;il, 2-4 in. diam., 4-8-niyed, peduncled ; bracts and bracteolcs from linear-oblong to spathulate- oblon^ hairy. Calyx-teci h m\m\t^, triangular. Cbro/?«-lobes ^^^ in. rfn^m., round|. Avhitw°' Driq^e i by j in., compressed, suliacute, red. Seed dortally 2-prooved, venf trally 3-grooved and hardly concave.— Specimens uf this in Herb. (Jrifhth, an tirketed



s from Darjeelii.g, whither ho sent a collector; but the collection?' from thence were i

0 mixed with others that no confidence is to be placed in their habit^4s. .

Var. premnacea. Wall. Cat. 401 (sp.) ; bracts at the base of the umbel large leaf- |

Wihurnum.'] Lxxiv. caprifoltace^. (C. B. Clarke.) 5

like sometimes \h in. long. DC. Prodr. iv, 325. Khasia Mts, and Birma, Hardly distinguishable as a variety, the bracts varying from 1 to 8, and from ^ to l\ in.

0, V. Colebrookianum, JValL Cat. 4G0 ; leaves large oblong crenate- serrate nearly glabrous^ corymbs large on very short axillary branches stellate- hairy^ corolla rotate^ drupe ellipsoid, seed hardly grooved. V. lutescens, -ff./« 4-. 1\ in Jouni. Linn. Soc. ii. 17(3, 7iot of Blume ; Kurz For. FL ii. 2 {as to Va)\ 2 only).

Subtropical Himalaya, alt. 1-5000 ft.; SiKxnf and Bhotan, common. Assam and

Khasia Mts., alt. 0-4000 ft., frequent.

A large spreading shrub, 6-15 ft. ; flowering branches usually pendent with large terminal leaves, corymbs from axils below them. Leaves 5^ by 2 in., shortly acumi- nate, cuneate at the base, young and petiole (J-^ in.), stellately pubescent. Con/mhs nmbelliform, dense on a portion of the branch bare of leaves ; bracts minute, brac- teoles 0. Calyx-ttcbe glabrous, teeth minute. Corolla-\o\)iis -^ in., round, white. Drupe ^ by ^ in., hardly compressed, red: seed obscurely convex dorsally, concave ventrally.— F". lutescens, BlmnCy united with this by H. f. & T. has berries ^ in. long, narrowly obovoid-oblongj with deeply grooved seed, and terminal inflorescence.

7. V. punctatum, ILtm. in Don Frodr. 142; leaves elliptic-lanceolate coriaceous subentire glabrous punctate beneath, corymb branches angular and calyx-tube minutely scaly, corolla rotate. Wall, Cat. 45G ; DC Prodr. iv. 324 ; H.f. ^ T. in Journ, Linn, Soc. ii. 176; Drandis For. FL 200.

NiPAL, Wallich. Kumaon; 8arju Valley, alt. 4000 ft., Strach. ^- Wbitcrb,^ I A stout spreading shrub. Leaves 3^ by 1| in., acute at both ends, often with pel- tate scales on the midrib beneath ; petiole ^ in. Corymbs terminal, sessile, in flower

:i-6 in. diam., branches umbellate or coryinbuse, cinnamoneous when dried ; bracts ^ in., lanceolate, deciduous; bracteoles scarcely ^j^ in., ovate. Calyx-teeth minute, pbtuse. Coro^fo-lobes j^3jin., round, white. Aiithtrs large, much exserted. Drupe ^ by ^ in., ellipsoid, succulent. Seed 2-grooved dorisally, concave 3-groovod vcntrally. i Var. acuminata, Wall Cat. 465 (sp.) ; leaves acuminate, bracts persistent, berry

^ by I in. flquamulose, seed much compressed obscurely grooved. V. acuminatum, DC Prodr. iv. 324; W. # A. Prodr. 388 ; Wight Ic. t, 1021; Bedd. FL Sylv. t. 217. V. Wightianum, Herb. Hoheii. No. 1381, not of WalL—Becain Mts. alt. 4000-7000 ft., fcommon. The berry looks so different that it may indicate a distinct species.

8. V. sambucinum, Reinii\\ Blame Bijd. 056; leaves elliptic-lanceo- late entire nearly glabrous, corymb-branches and calyx-tube pubv^scent, corolla i-otate. I)C. P/W/'. iv. 325 ; Miq. FL Ind. Bat, ii. 120; Oersted in Vidensh. Meddel. 1860, t. 7, Jig. 11-13. V. iutegerrimum, WaU. Cat. ^57] DC Prodr.

iy. 324 ; -ff./. ^- T. in Journ. Linn. Soc. ii. 170.

PiNANG and SiXf!AP(^RR; Wallich, Wrflker. JIat.acca ; Maingay Kew Dlstrib. 712/2.— DisTRiB. Malaya.

A stout shrub, or small tree, 20 ft. Leaves 5 by 2^ in., shortly acuminate, base br ad-cuneato, impunctatc, minutely pilose on the midribbeneath(orin Java examples .ol : en more hairy) ; petiole ^-^ in., pilose. Corymb terminal, peduncled, umbellate, ■2-4 in. diam. ; bracts 0, or rarely caducous; bracteoles minute, linear-oblong. Co- Vo^tVlobes 3^ in., i*ound, yellow-white. Drupe i by ^ in., compressed, ovate, suddenly 'acute; endocarp thickened, subosseous. Seed dorsally 2-grooved, ventrally 3-grooved little concave. Leaves in some Japan specimens are hairy beaeath, in others, as in Wallich's V. integerrhmim.


Corolla tubidarj lohes very short erect or scarcely spreading.

\ 9. V. coriaceum, Bhtme Bijd. GoG; leaves oblong-lanceolate acumi-

nate coriaceous glabrous with tufts of hairs on the axils of the nerves beneath,

Cy Lxxiv. CAPiiiFOLiAr^EJ:. (C. B. Clarke.) IVihirnum,

corymbs pubescent upwards, bracteoles 0 or cuducous, corollu-iube glabrous. na Pr(Mh\ iv. 329 ; JLf. c^- T. m Jounu Linn, Soc, ii. 171) ; Miq, FL LuL Bat. ii. 120 ; BrandisFor. FL 'JoO : V. cylindricuni, Ilmn. iv Don Vrodr. 1 42 ; DC\

/. c'.329.

Tkmpf.tiatr Himat aya, alt. 4-8000 ft, ; from Kr:\rAON to BHt)TAN and Kiiasta. Mrs., alt, 3-5000 ft., frequbiii. Disnau. North IJirma ; Java.

A large shrub, or small tree, 15-20 ft. Leaves 4-9 hy 2-2^ in., base cuncFito or oLtufeo, quite entire in aomo Jlliualayan, often tootlnd in Javanese and Sikkini speci- mens, often punctate beneath; petiole ^-1 in,, glabrous or subpilose. Corymb termi- na], peduncled or sessile, umbellate or corymbose; bracts \ in., linear, caducous ; bracteoles minute, ovate. Calyx-tnhe glal»rous or puberulous ; limb 0. CoroUa-tuhe ^ in., white. ^w/Acri; oblong, exserted. Drupe I by ^ in., moderately compressed, elliptic, shortly acute, black. Seed 2-grooved dorsally ; endocarp subosseouSj 8-groovcd ventrally little concave. !

Var. capiteUata, Wight Ic. t. 1022 (sp.), leaves entire or subsinuate, corolla gla- ]>rous (pilose in Wight's Ic), drupe ^ by ^ in., much compressed. V, hebaiithumi Tliw. Eiucm. 136 partly, vot of W. ^- A— Deccan Mts. iilt. 4 7500 ft. Ce\don on Adam's Peak (C. P. n. 39). I

Var. zeylcmica, Gardner nis. (sp.) ; berry ^ by ^ in. broad ovoid very little com- pressed. Oersted i?i Vidrnsh Mcddel,. 1860, t. vii. /^. 24, 25. V. hebanthum, Thw, Enum. 136 partly, V. coriaceum, var. fi, H. /'. <J" T, inJ<^urn, Linn, Soc. ii. 171^ —Ceylon, alt. 6000 ft.. GarJner, Thwaltcs. '

10. V. hebanthum, W. 8r A. Prodr, 388; leaves obloug acuiuinate C(U'iaceous sinuate or siuuate-dentate glabrous with tufts of hairs iu the axils of the nerves Ijeueath^ corymbs minutely pilose upwards, bracteoles \ in. linear,, curolla-tube densely pubescent. Wight Lc, t. 1023; 7/./. S, T.in Joum. Lirm] f)oc, ii. 170, fxcl. syn, V.puhiyera) not of Thtvaites, \

NiLGHEiiUT Mts., alt. 4-7500 ft., frequent ; Mayaburam, Sir F, AdavK '

A largo shrub, doubtfully distinct from V. coriaceum by the densely pubescent} yellowish corolla. The fruit resembles that of V, coriaccitmy var. cajntellata, but the loaves are rarely entire as in var. capitellatat and are less acuminate.


Sect. II. Pseudo-Tlnus. Cymes corymbose or umbellately divided^ J)nfpe succulent^^ 1-celled, compressed; eudpcarp slightly intruded. Albumen

ruminated J margins ineurved.

11. V. cordifolium, Wall. Cat. 4G2; leaves elliptic cordate acuminate sharply serrate, stellatoly pubescent on the nerves Ijeneath, corymbs not radiant termiual sessile stellately hairy, corolla I'otnte. DC Prodr. iv' 327 ; in Journ. Linn, Soc, ii. 175.


Trmperatt: Himalaya, alt. 9-12,000 ft., from Xumaon to Buotan, frequent.

A large shrub, flowering before leafing. Leaves 4i by 2\ in., nearly gkbrous above, parallel-veined ; petiole ^-1 in. Corymb iu flower small dense, in fruit 3-5 in. diam. J bracts \ in., linear-oblong, woolly, caducous. Ccdyx-iubc soon glabrous, lobes huu'eolate, stellately woolly. Anthers smiiU, sliortly exf^ertcd. Bvrry ^ by ^ in., little compressed. Scf^^ dorsally with one shallow furrow, ventrall} with mucli in- flexed edges; testa full of red glands following the ruminations of the albumen, V* lantavoidesy Mirha\, of N. America, has broader less serrite leaves, the corymbs- usually radiant and the normal flowers much smaller; V. fnrcatmn, Blume, of Jnpan,. is aluiost identical with V. lantanoides. The three nre closely allied and united by Miquel in Ami, Mus. Ltigd. Bat. ii. 265. \




Sect. III. Tinus, Ocrst. (genus). Cymv^ umbellate. Dr)'pe dry, hard^ ,

blue. Alhnnen ruminated. ' j " .

Viburnum.] Lxxiv. CAPRiroLiACEiE. (C. B. Clarke.) 7

12. V. atro-cyanea, C. JB, CJarhe^ glabrous, leaves oUong narrowed at "both ends not acuminate entire or obscurely sinuate-dentatC; berry ellipsoid very smooth. Viburnum sp,. Griff. Ifin, Notes^ 118,

MiSHMi Mts., Thumathu sunuuit, Griffith (Kew Distrib. No. 3406).

A shrub, resembling V. I'mtts, L. Leaves 3 by l\ in., axils of the nerves beneath nated. Cynics terminal, subsessile ; branches angular, red, slightly thickened ; bracts small, caducoTis. Flowers not seen. Berry I by ^ in. ; endoearp slightly intruded. -(4tt^i;7^^^ strongly ruminated; testa with many red glands. The European V. Tinus has a much larger, ovoid, somewhat ribbed drupe, and hairy nerve-axils beneath.

Sect. IV. Microtinus, Oerst, (genus). Q/?;?*:'^ panicled. CbroZZa rotate, Dnijye succulent^ sub-2-celled, l-seeded. Albumen uniform^ margins incurved so as nearly to include the barren cell.

13. V- odoratissimum, Ker in Sot. Reg. t. 456 ; leaves elliptic acute coriaceous subentire glabrous, panicle glabrous^ bracts and bracteoles lanceolate stellately-hairy caducous. H. f, <§- T, in Journ. Linn, Soc. ii. 177; Lhnth. FL Homjk. ] 43 ; Oersted in Vidensh, Meddel 1 SCO, 294, t. 6, fig. 7-10 (Microtinus).


Khasia Mts., alt. 4000 ft., Mrs. Maek, &c. Distkib. N. Birnia, China.

A shrub, 6-10 ft. Leaves o\ by 2^ in. ; base cuneatc, entire or sparingly sinuate- dentate, primary nerves remote pinnate glandular, sometimes slightly hairy in the axils beneath; petiole ^-1 in., stout. Coryml 2-4 in. high, mostly peduncled ; bracts \ in., lanceolate, woolly in tlie Indian examples, minutely pubescent in the Chinese. Calyx-limb very wide, with shallow triangular teeth. Corolla-lobes ^ in., elliptic, white. Berry nearly ^ by \ in., ovoid-oblong, hardly compressed.


14. V. Simonsii, H. /. 8f T, in Jmirn. Linn. Soc, ii. 177; leaves elliptic- lanceolate coriaceous denticulate or subentire glabrous^ panicle pubescent, bracts aiid bracteoles lanceolate pubescent persistent.

Khasia Mts., alt. 4-6000 ft. ; not rare ; Simons, &c.

A ahrul), 6-15 ft. Leaves 4 by 2 in.; base rhomboid or obtuse, nerves parallel, much closer than in V. odoratisshnum, with large tufts of hairs in the axils beneath ; petiole J-^ in. Corymb flowers and fruit nearly as in V. odorathswium^ but both corolla and berry somewhat smaller.

; Sect. V, Solenotinus, Oersted (genus). Cymes panicled, or thyrsiform. Cd^'olla tubular. Dnipe succulent^ sub-3-celled, l-seeded. Albumen uniform, margijis incurved forndog a T-shaped ventral groove.



oblong acute serrulate pilose on the nerves beneath otherwise glabrous, panicles peduncled terminal and many on shortened lateral branches. IJC, Prodr. iv. 329; //. /. Sf T, in Journ. Linn. Soc. ii. 177; Tincaites Enum. 136; Brandis Ear. FL 258. V. Wightianum, Wall PI. As. Ear. ii. 29 ; Cat. 3729 ; TT. ^" A. Prodr, 388 ; Wight Lc. t. 1024. V. pubigerum; W. 8f A. Prodr. 389. Mbur- num sp., Wedl. Cat. 7474.

Himalaya, alt, 3-10,000 ft.; from Kitmaon to Bhotan, common. Dkccan Mts., •di\L 5-8000 ft., common. Ckylon.

A large shrub, or small tree. Leaves never large, 2^-3 by 1^- in., from ovate to .narrow-obloug, base obtuse, axils of nerves beneath very hairy in Deccan examples ■early glabrous in the others; petiole | in. Cory^nb usually pendulous, small in the

Ilea] )ec oni

eccan examples, sometimes 3-5 in. in the Himalayan, pubescent, nearly glabrous or ^jmetimes stellatcly tomentose; bracts linear, J in., glabrous, sometimes }■ in. and pubescent. Calyx-teeth small, oblong, glabrous or pubescent. CoroUa-tiibe i in. ; lol>es i in., round, spreading, white. Stamens inserted at the same height near the





(C. B. Clarke.)

[ Viburnum^

summit of the tube. Drupe \ by \ in., ellipsoid, scarcely compressed, red, crowned by the thick short style. Deccan specimens have more slender pfinicles, smaller flowers and rather narrower berries than Himalayan, but some CVylon specimeua appear altogether undistinguishable from the Himalayan,

IG. V. nervosum, Don Prodr. 141^ not of Ilk. ^- Am.; leaves elliptic- oblong acute crenate-serrate parallcl-n(nTed hairy on the nerves beneath, cymes subcapitate silky, bracts oblong obtuse silky deciduous. DC. Prod?-, iv. 327; IL /. ^" T, in Jouni. Linn, Soc. ii. 178; Ihuvndis For, Fl. 259. V. grandi- florum, WidL Cat ^iM; DC. /.c. 329; Oersted in Videmh McddeL 1800, 2!)o, t. Qjjig* 1-4 (Solenotinus).

Himalaya, alt. 10-13,000 ft., from Kashmir to Sikkim, not common ; Wallich, &e.

A large shrub, or gnarled small tree ; bnanehlets pilose. Leaver 2^-3 by 1^ in., scarcely acuminate, base cuneate, adult glabrous above; petiole \-^ in. Cij/iua appear before the leaves; branches very short; outer bracts ovate, ^ in. diam., obtuse; inner J by ^ in., ublong. Calyx-iuhc glabrous, teeth small, irregular, often ciliate. Corulla-tuhc {^^ in,; lobes ^ in., elliptic, spreading, rose. Sitamens inserted 2 near the top of the corolla-tube, 3 somewhat lower down. Bvifix nearly J by J in., ellipsoid, hardly compressed.

17. V. foetens, Dene, in Jacq. Voy. Bof. 7^, t. 84; leaves elliptic or oblong crenate-serrate glabrous, cymes thyrsiforni branches glabrous or sparingly pilose ultimately lax. Ilh. f, *§• T. in Joiwn, Linn, Soc, ii. 17S] Brandts For. Fl. 250.

Kashmir, alt. 6-10,000 ft., from Murrke to CHrMnA ; Jacquemont, &c,, not rare.

A large shrub; branehlets glabrous, or laxly pubescent. Leaves 3 by 1-1^ in., shortly acute, base euneato or obtuse, parallel-nerved, adult glabrous except tufts of hairs in the axils of the nerves beneath. Inflorescence nearly as in F. nervosum, Don, but soon more lax and corolla larger; outer bracts ovate or oblong, deciduous ; bractcoles linear, searioua, pubescent. Stamens inserted 2 near the top of ihe corolla-tube, 3 lower doAvn. Drupe ^-\ by \ in., ellipsoid, little compressed, r<'d. & edible. f



Herbs; stems from a perennial stock, siinple, erect. Lctwes itpposlle, sessue, connate, obovate, entire or sinuate. Fhnccrs whorled in tlioit terminal spikes (axillnry in the non-Indian species), lurid, 2-bracteolate. Qdi/x-tuhe ovoid; lobes 5, short or long and i'oliaceous, persistent. Corolla narrow fuiinel-shap'Hl, gibbous at the base; lobes 5, unequal, obtuse, imbricate. *Syr/m^??>f 5, inserted ou the corolla-tube; anthers linear, includi^d. Orary 3-5-celled; style filiform, included, stigma capitate 3-5-lobed ; ovules solitary in each cell, pcnduloa^. Berry 2-3- (rarely 4-5-) celled, 2~3-se(^ded, Seeds oblong, angular ; testt bony; albumen lle^hy ; embryo minute. Species 3; 2 N. American, 1 Hima- layan.

! I

1. T. hirsutuxu, Wall, in Boxb. FL Ind. ed. Carey ^' Wall. ii. 1M>; hairy, spike short terminal, calyx-lobes minute, drupe 3-seeded. DC IVodi\ iv. 330. T. himalayannm. Wall. Cat. 484; DC Prodr. I.e.] IL f. ^ 7\ ?■ Journ. Linn. Soc, ii. 173. j

NiPAL; Gossain Thiiu, Wallich, Sjkkim ; alt. 10-12,000 ft., J. /?. //. Kuma4»n alt. 10,500 ft., Slrach, <f' Wmferh, \

Patently hairy. Stim.< 18 in. Leaves broadly ellijitic-obovate obtuse, hairy on



Triosteum,'] lxxiv. capeifoliaceje. (C. B. Clarke.) 9

both surfaces. Spike hardly 1 in.; peduncle scarce ^ in. Calyx-iccth ^^ in. Corolla- tube A in. long, green without purple within. Dricpe ^ in., ovoid or ellipsoid trigo- nous, hairy towards the apex.— H. f. & T. have been misled by DC. into supposing that Wallich described T. hirsutum from Cliittagong as a different species from T, himalayanxim. The origin of the error appears to have been that DC. read Wallich's ms. locality *'Gossain Than" as the Sanskrit spelling of Chittagong. DC. further misprints the fruit as 5-seeded, whereas Wallich states (rightly) S-seeded.

5. ABEX.IA, Br,

Shrubs, branchlets slender. Leaves opposite^ sometimes ternate, petioled, entire or toothed 3 stipules 0. Floicers axillaiy and terminal, in small tricho- tomous cymes or solitary, 2-4-bracteolate, white or rose. Calyx-tube narrow, striate ; teeth 5, long, narrow, persistent. Corolla tubular or funnel-shaped, nearly regular; lobes 5, short, round. Stamens 4, inserted on the corolla-tube, suhdidynamous. Ovary 3-celled ; style filiform, stigma capitate subexserted ; ovules in 2 cells several, in the 3rd solitary. Fruit coriaceous, narrowly oblong, surmounted by the long calyx-teeth, cells 3, 2 empty, the 3rd 1-seeded. Seed subcylindric, testa, meuibranous, albumen fleshy; embryo short, cylindric DiSTRiB. Species 5, from Kashmir to China and Japan ; and 1 Mexican i^per- haps a distinct genus).

1. A. triflora, Br. in Wall. PL As. Bar. 14, t. 15; leaves lanceolate f>ntire, cymes 3-8-flowered, bracts lanceolate shining glabrous reticulate. WalL Cat. 815; DC, Prodr. iv. 339; m/Jd III ii. 72, t. 121 C, ; H. / 4^ T. in Jburn. Linn, Soc, ii. 174 ; LijidL ^- Paxt. FL Gard. t. 91 ; Brandis For. FL


» Temperate Himalaya from Kashmir to Kumaon, alt. 5-10,000 ft., frequent. An erect shrub, 3-6 ft. Leaves 2^ by |-l in., acute, broadest near the euneate or Ibobtuse base, reticulate-nerved beneath, pilose especially on the margin or glabrous ; tiole ^-^ in. Cymes sessile, i.e. bracts at their base 1 in. leaflike, but interme- rate between tlie leaves and bracts. Calyx-teeth J^^ in., linear, striate, ciliate. rolla-tube ^-^ in,, glabrous or pilose without; lobes i-^ in., spreading. Fruit \ in., linear, narrowed upwards, glabrous or pilose.

Ys^n.parvifolia; leaves much smaller | in. sometimes lobed or subpinnatifid, Tolla smaller pubescent within and without.— Jhelum Valley and AVuzaristan, \lewart.

G. ZiONICERA, Zn?7i.

Shrubs, erect or scandent ; buds scaly. Leaves opposite^ petioled, sessile or connate, entire or in i. heterophylla sinuately-lobed. _ Flowers (in the Indian fepecies) in peduncled pairs, often connate by their ovaries, bracteate and usually 2-bracteolate ; peduncles axillary, solitary, or in subtenuinal panicles heads or Musters subtended by floral leaves. Calyx-tube ovoid; limb short, 5-toothed, deciduous or persistent. Corolla tubular, funnel-shaped or campanulate, tube short or long, gibbons or equal at the base, limb subfqually 5-lobed or 2- lipped ; lobes short or long. Stamens 5, inserted on the corolla-tuhe. Ovary 2-3-celled; style slender, stigma capitate; ovules several in each cell in ^donble [rows on axile placentas. Berry 2-3-celled or sub-1 -celled. Seeds few in each ell, ovoid or oblong, albumen fleshy ; embryo terete.— Distrie. Species 80, in temperate and subalpine regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

SuBGEX I. Caprifoliuxu, DO. Scandent. Pairs oi foxecrs, ox some of


Lxxiv. CArniFOLiACE.E. (0. B. Clarke.)


them, capitate or panicled. Bracts linear or small. Corolla i^-lipped. Bcrnj cro^vned with the ealyx-leeth.

In the simple lateral podunclos tlie bracts are undistinguishable from fli^ral leaves: in the paniculate inflorescence oi L.jdponica the bracts are small linear.

1. Ii- Zieschenaultli, W(dl in EoA-h. Fl Iml. ed. Carey 8; Wall. ii. 178 ; Cat. 471 ; leaves ovate or oblo]i^'-, beneath and calyx trrey tonientose, corolha long closely pnbescent. DC. Prodr. iv. 334; Wight III ii. t. 120 and 121 B. ; W. ^' A. Prodr, 380; H. f. Si T. in Jonni, Lrnn, Soc. ii. 173,770/ o/Mifj. L. mollis, Wii/ht III. ii. 71 j JValL Cat. 0301.

DioccAN ^Its., alt. 5-8000 ft. ; Wiffhi, &c.

Branchlets tomentose. Leaves U-2^ by 1-1 J in., acute or rounded, base cordate or obtuse, abuve glabrous or puberulous on the impressed nerves ; petiole ^ in. Flou'<i\^ in shortened panicles; floral loaves \-l in., pt^tiohd, ovate; bracts linear, ^4 i^'- 1 bractooles ovate, minulo. Cahjx-teeth ^-^ in., linear. Corolla-tvhc 1-1 .| in., liairy within. Style glabrous or nearly so. Rarely the pairs of fluucrb are solitary, M'hen

the elongate floral leaves which are close beneath the flower have been described as bracts.

2. I., g-labrata, Wall in PuaL Fl Lul ed. Carey ^' Wall ii. 176^, Cat, 474:] leaves corda to-oblong; acute coriaceous prlabrous or nearly so rarely villous beneath, bracts .,\-} in. lanceolate, calyx <^la1n-ous or nearly so, corolla glabrous. DC Prodr.\y, 334; Il.f. ^^ T. in Journ. Linn. Soc. ii. 172, excl. syn. Z. orafa, Ham.


Temperate Himalaya, alt. 4^8000 ft. ; from Nipal to Euotan ; Wallich, &c.

Branchlets glabrous, or closely pubescent. Leaves 3 byl^in. ; nerves ghibroUs or pilose or villous l-oneath ; petiole J-^^ in. Flowers i/ikes short, often paniclud ; floral leaves gradually nduced, sometimes minutely pilose above, the uppermost lanceolate, sessile; brueteoles ovate, minute. Calyx-titfjc somewhat glaucous, rarely slightly hairy; teeth ^^ in, lane, olate. CoroIUi-iuhe j in., rarely with a few scj tered hairs uitliout, hairy within. Style glabrous, or with 'scattered hairs. Grifl^th's specimens from East Bhotan have the leaves very villous beneath.

3. Z..

xnacrantha, DC. Prodr, iv. 333; leaAes cordate-oblou'r n(Mi

Mel Biol X. r,8. L. japonica, Wall Cat, 473, and in lioAb. Fl Iml ed. Caret/ Jl all ii. 174; //. f, ^' 7\ in Joiirn. Linn, Sac. ii. 171, not of Linn, folium macranthumr'/??^;' japo2iicum, Don Prodr. 140.

Capri f


Temperate HimaLiya fn.m Nipal to Buotan, alt. 6-10,000 ft., frequent. KiiA^ri Mrs., alt. 4-6000 ft. i I

Leaves 2h by 1 in., glabrescent or pilose on the surfjiee above. Peduncles in sub-l terminal panicles; upper floral leaves usually linear-lanceolate. Bracts ^-^ in.| linear; bracteoles very small. CahjX'iidw g\ii\\(^o\\H, gbibrous. Corolla-tnhe |_1| in.-| L.japonica, L., which is very closely allied, differs in the less coriaceous leaves, usuall^^ petioled ovate or spatluilate floral leaves, more or h-ss hairy calyx-tube, and less hir- sute unexpanded pink or reddish corolla.

4. li. acuminata, Wall, in Roxh. Fl Iml ed, Carey 8f Wall ii. 472 leaves oblong cordate acute, bracts ^-^ in. linear, calyx-tube glabrous, corolla tube hairy lobes pubescent or glabrous, style densely fulvous hairy. Wall Cat. 472 ; DC. Prodr. iv. 334. L. Loureirii, //./. ^' T. in Journ. Linn. Soe. ii. 172-

not of DC,

Lonicera.'} Lxxiv. caprtfoliace^. (C. B. Clarke.) 11

Temperate Himalayn from Nipal, Wallich, to Sikkim, ult. 7-11,000 ft. ; J". D. //.


Branchlets Iiairy. Leaves 4 by 1 J-lf in., M'ith scattered hairs on Lotli surfaces, or glabrescent; petiole } in., hairy. Inflorescence in terminal many-flowered heads, and also

5 differs in the glabrous corolla-tube and stjlc.

5. Zi. ovata, Ham, in Wall Crt^ 6300 ; leaves ovate or ovate-oblong ob- tuse membranous nearly glabrous^ bracts i\-j\ in. ovate-lanceolate, calyx-tube glabrous, corolla-tube { in. very slender glabrous, style hairy, Lonicera sp., Griff* Journ, 90.

Assam; Hamilton}, Masters. DisTiuii. Birma.

A slenderer plant, with much smaller flowers than in Z. glahrata. ^ Branchlets pu])escent. Leaves \\ by f-1 in., base rounded or subcordate, minutely pilose on both surfaces or glabrescent; petiole ^-j in. Upper iieduncles in terminal panicle; brac- teoles minute, ovate. Flowers white, fading to yellow. Calyx-ieelh glabrous or ciliolate.

SiTBGEN. II. Xylosteum, PC. Erect, iVr/^^ic/esnot pauicled. Calyx-

limb deciduous (in Z. asperifolia -^ L. rupicola and others, subpersistent).

Bracts large, ovate ; bract coles 0 or minufe,

-. Xi. hispida, rail) DC, Prodr, iii. 338; glabrous or hairy, leaves elli])tic-oblong, peduncles ^-1 in., bracts obovatc-elliptic boat-shaped hardly conhate. Ledeb, FL Boss. ii. 389, Ic. t. 212 ; //./, ^' T, in Journ. Linn, Soc. ii. 165, L. bracteata, liogle III, 237, t. 53.

Temperate and alpine Himalaya, alt. 9-13,000 ft.; from Kashmir to Kttmaon, freqient. Sikkim, alt. 13-15,000 ft., J. 2>. H.—Di^nav.. Central Asia, Siberia.

, Branchlets hispid-pilose or glabrescent. Leaves 1^ by f in., suLubtuse, base

aounded. hairy on both surfaces or glabrescent ; petiole '^ in.' Brads |-| in., hispid c.iliate or glabrescent. Corolla-tube ^ by I in., often hairj' ; lobes f-^ in., rounded, plnlj. Style glabrous or with scattered hairs. Drupesmov^ than I by I in., ellipsoid, C(|ipuont or entirely separate. Cf. Maxim, in Bull. Acad. Pctcrsb. Mel. Biol. x. 73. ERedingly variable as to hairiness; the branchlets, leaves and bracts are some- tiB^ absolutely glabrous, and the leaves subscabrid beneath.

^ , H.f. <^' T. in Journ. Linn. Soc. ii. 16G, not of Meerb. ;

leiR^es small oblong obtuse glabrous hispidly ciliolate, peduncle hardly any, bracts \-i in. ovate flat, calyx-limb deciduous.


Temperate N.W. Himalaya and Western Tibet. 12-1G,000 ft. ; Nubra, Zanskar andPiti, Thomson; Tilail in Kashmir, C. B. C. ; Gurwhal and Knmaon, Strach. ^


A glaucous, densely-branched, wiry undershrub, glabrous except as to the

of the leaves. Leaves § by ^ in., obtuse, base hardly rounded ; petiole ^\ in.

glaiicous, hispidly ciliate on the margins, usually free, or M^ben llie fruits coalesce

so'netimes much connate. Calyx glabrous, or nearly so. CoroUa'tuhe ^^ by \ in.,

parous; lobes I in., elliptic, yellow. %/^ glabrous. Berry \ by | in., ellipsoid,

irs sometimes confluent into a spherical fruit. (Both confluent and non-confluent

rries occur on one branch.)

8. Xf. asperifolia, H.f. i^- T. in Journ. Linn. Soc. ii. 166 ; leaves ovate- Iblong subcordate, margin crisped and hispid, peduncle 0-^ in.^ bracts ovate

margins Bracts


Lxxiv. CAPRIF0LIACE-S3. (C. B. Clarke.)


flat, "berry crowned by the fuimel-sliapcd calyx-limb. Xyl osteum asperrimuni,

Dene, in Jacq. Voy, But. 77, t. 85. I

Wkstkrn TiJtET, Falconer] Zanskak, alt. 'l 3,000 ft., Tliomson, Kashmir to the

KAiUKORiJAi, alt. 12,000 ft,, C\ B. C. Kinikim (Tibet), alt. 13.500 ft, Slrach, ^^ Winterh. j

A shrub, 2-4 ft. ; braiichUts sparsely hispid. Leaves IJ by f 5n., subacute or obtuse, shining and glahrous above; petiole J-^ in. Bracts ^ in., and ovaries free. Calyx'inhe glabrous; limb ciliate or glabrous, Corolla-tuhc \ ?by ^ in., glabrous or slightly hairy; lubes ^ in. or more. Style glabrous. Drupe ^hy ^ in., or more, oblong, ' i

** Bracts Uiivar or narroxv-oblong (l>road in L, parvifolia) ; hracfeoUs often connate or prominent.

t Corolla not disfincthj tivo-lippod^ often gibbons at the base, and limb unequal.

Cat. 479 ; braiichlets pubescent, leaves lanceolate obtusely acuminate margin and midrib beneath ciliate or glabrescent, peduncle hardly any, bracteoles connate. DC Prodr. iv. 334 ; W. ^- A. Prodr. 389 ; JVi(/ht Ic. t. 1025 ; H. f. ^ T. in Journ. Linn, Soc, ii. 100 ; Bedd, Fl. Sylo. Anal, Gen, t. 16, Jiff, 5. L. Wight iana, Wall. Cat. under 1520, in Herb. Linn, Soc,

? Nipal; Wallich, Kharta Mts., alt. 4000-GOOO ft., H.f.^- T. Mts. of the South Deccan, alt. 6-7000 ft., frequent. |

^ A shrub, 5-lo ft. Leaves If by J in., base narrowed or scarcely rountled, ilrm, fchining ; petiole J^. in. Brads ^ in., ghibrous ; bractook-s at first small, in fruit same- times ^ by j in., forming a boat-shaped invohicol half-enclosing the fruit. Caii/x- Umb tubular; margin irn-gular, CoroUa-tuhe ^ by y^-j^t in., narrowly funnel-shaped, base very gibbous, slightly pubescent; lobes } in., obtuse, yellowish-white (AVallich). Style patently hairy. Drupes usually confluent into a single small spherical fruit, ovaries free or half-coah'Scent in bud. Wallicli's Nipal habitat must be eunsicfered doubtful till confirmed, owing to the mixture of specimens on one sheet, '

10. Zi. tomentellat ^^- /. ^S' ^* ^^ Journ. LJnn. Soc, ii. 167; branchlets ^ pubescent, leaves oblong villous or pubescent beneath, peduncles 0-^ in., llaf^- 'h teoles short connate.

Temperate Himalaya ; Sikkim, Laclicn and Lachoong, alt. 8-12,000 ft., J. D.

A shrub, 10-12 ft. Leaves U by i-| in,, obtuse at both cads; petiole \ tomentose. Bracts ^-5 in., narrowly oblong, foliaceous; bracteoles ^^^^-^ in. lonmn fruit. Calyx glabrous. Corolla-tube i by ^ in., subequal, pilose without and witlwn ; lobes hardly ^ in., little spreading, white. Style glabrous. Berry | by ^ in., black, often coalescent in pairs into one spherical fruit. Seeds numerous, small. 1

i \

11, X«. purpurascens, //. /. 4- ^' in Journ, Linn, Soc. ii. 109; leaves oblong or obovate-oblong hairy at least boneath, peduncles ^1 in., bractccles «mall quadrate subobsolcte in the fruit, calyx-liiub patelliform truncate glabrous, L. sericea, Boyle JIL 230; //. /. ^^ T. in Journ, Ltnn, Soc, ii. 107. Xylostoum purpurascens, Dene, in Jacq. Voy. Bot. 79, t. 87.


Subalpino Himalaya; Kashmir, alt. 9-12,000 ft,; Pir Pinjal, Jacqiienu-,^^ ■C, B, C', Goolmurg, Stewart, Kunawuu; alt. 12-13,000 ft., Munro, Sikk? Yeumtong, alt. 11,000 ft., J. D. H.

A shrub, 8 ft. ; branchlets pilose, ultimately glabrous. Leaves I by J in., obtus base narrowed or obtuse, above softly pilose or glabrcscent, beneath villous or hairj on the nerves only; petiole A in. ^/vzc/s ^^ in., linear or lanceolate-linear; bracJ

teoles distinct or connate. Corolla-tube ^ by y^ in., base gibbous, hairy within anc^

onicera.'] lxxiv, caprifoliace^. (C. B. Clarke,) 13^

,ithout; lobes short, purple. S(i/le sparsely pilose. Fruit usually of two confluent rupes, J in. diam., glol^ose, Llaek. Seeds many or few,— Boyle's specimens have the leaves and flowers more hairy : the number of seeds varies on the same branch.

12. Zi. angrustifolia, WalL Cat, 480; leaves lanceolate white "beneath, >edux.cles ^-1 in., bracts ^-| in. linear or linear-lauceolate, bracteoles connate ften half as long as the fruit, calyx-limb distinctly 5-toothed. DC. Prodr. iv.

n. Hort, Soc. Land. iii. 238, zvith a Jiff. ; //. /. ^ T. in Joiirm Linn. '^oc, ii. 167 ; Brandis For. Fl. 255.

! Temperate Himalaya ; from Kashmir and Kxjmaon, alt. 6-12,000 ft., frequent, to Sikxim; Lachen, alt. 10-1:^,000 ft., J, D, H. j A fchrub, 6-12 ft. ; branchlets glabrescont. Leaves 1^ by I in. (nearly ^ in. broad ift Sikkim sp.), narrowed at both ends, beneath pubescent or glabrous; petiole ^ in. Bracts linear or foliacoous. Corolla-tnbe i by ^ in., glabrous or pubescent, subequal ; lobes hardly ^ in., white or rose. St^t/le short, glabrous. Fruit usually of two con- ffueut drupes, ^ in. diam., globose; calyx-limb often subporsistont. Seeds few.

rupicola, //. / ^- T. in Joum. Linn. Soc, ii. 168; leaves oblong

tomentose beneath, peduncles hardly any, bracteoles small quadrate distinct obsolete in the fruit, calyx-leeth ^ in. narrow-lanceolate pubescent.

Eastern Tihet (North of Sikkim), alt. 16-17,000 ft., J. D, H. Rinikim, Western Tibet (North of Kumaon), alt. 13,500 ft., Sirack <Sf Whit&rh.

/l rigid shrub, 2-4 ft. ; branchlets pubescent, becoming leafless and subspinescent.

\es ^ by i in., subobtuse at both ends, nearly glabrous above ; petiole ^ in. Bracts^

[, linear-obovate, often subfoliaceous, tomentose beneath. Corolla-ttibe i by^ in.,

scent; lobes ^ in. broad-oblong, spreading. S/^^e short, glabrous. Berries l-\ m.^

isoid, not confluent in pairs, crowned by the long calyx-teeth.

4. Zi. spinosa, Jacquem, ms. ; IL f. 8f T, in Joum, Linn. Son. ii. 1G8; glal&ous, leaves small naiTow-oblong, peduncles hardly any, bracteoles quadrate connate inconspicuous in fruit, calyx-teeth y\ in. narrow-oblong obtuse. Xylos-

spinofum, Dene, in Jacq. Voy. Bat. 78j t. 86.

Himalaya, alt. 11-16,000 ft. ; from Kashmir to Tibet north of Sikkim.

8TRIB. KashgJir.

_ rigid shrub, 2-4 ft. ; branchlets ghmcous, often leafless and spinescent. Leaves

\-^ in,, obtuse, margins recurved, base narrowed; petiole hardly any. Flowers

u-ciculate ; bracts i-J in., linear-oblong. Corolla-tube ^-^ by ^^-\ in., glabrous,

^ual; lobes ^ in., elliptic. Style glabrous, exsortod. Berries \ by ^ in., ellip-

not confluent in pau's, crowned by the subpersistent calyx-limb.

,_5. Zi. parvifolia, Edgio. in Wall. Cat. 9058, and in Trans. Linn. Soc.